Tuesday, 2 October 2012


"When are you going to do a new blog?" "You never blog anymore!" "Why don't you blog these days?" I'M FUCKING BUSY!!! (Busy fucking)  And sometimes, I use all my chat on real life interaction.

Alas, i'm back in Loughborough, and after 14 solid days of crying and convincing the locals I've not been sent from the future to deliver them a grave warning about the revolution of the sewer people I've decided to be a bit more productive.

SO, I got myself an American death row penpal. But he was boring and fucking selfish. Always going on about "It wasn't me blah blah the killer's still out there, I was framed blah blah I dont want to die!". How about asking about my day for once, dickhead? Everyone's got problems. So yeah, i'm ignoring all his letters, even the stupid film he sent me called "Evidence of my Innocence". What the fuck even is that, an indie film? And who under the age of 95 has a video player? Try flowers next time, mingebag.

So, after that debacle, I decided to blog on.

Anyway, this post is aimless, I have too much insight and thought to focus on one topic (and by "insight and thought", I mean ADHD) this post is really just to check in, say hi, ask about the kids, and make promises about seeing you again that I will never honour. Just see me as your cool uncle who, as you get older, you realise is most likely just a charming paedophile with an alcohol dependency.

In a bit, 

Be cool,


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